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$50 service charge for all invoices, waived if computer is dropped off/picked up.

Troubleshooting: $50/hr.  Written estimate provided before repairs.   1 hour minimum, 2 hrs maximum.

Performance problems: Clean, tune and inspect.  Improve speed and install SystemCare applications for routine maintenance $60

Software installations: Avoid problems, hire a pro to install programs correctly and receive a 15 minute orientation to that software! Each installation only $30.

New Computer starts at $90 for setup and registration.  After that I'll show you how to use your new computer.  All setttings will be exactly as YOU request.

Data Transfer or backup starts at $90, add cost of external backup device/source

Computer hardware and software upgrades: call for written estimate.

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GraneeGeek is a certified technician with more than 15 years in the industry. Experience in Engineering, Training and Managment.  Keeps certifications and skills current with rapid changing technology.  Skilled in both computer repair and training.

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